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Sage Grouse - Critical Language for NDAA

Manipulation of the Endangered Species Act!

Included in this year’s NDAA is a provision that deals animal species and habitat, which at first blush doesn’t seem like an issue that would affect all states and all industries. However the ripple affect impacts every sector of our economy. 

The Greater Sage Grouse uses habitat that crosses 11 Western states. It has never been argued that the population of the species is in peril. Instead, taking a page from the playbook of the spotted owl, activists have argued that the potential habitat of the Greater Sage Grouse could become threatened by mining, oil and gas development, grazing and farming and healthy forest management. This despite over $750 million being spent by the various states to protect nearly 170 million acres of sage habitat and demonstrated population increases year after year. 

Ask Senator McCain to support the House language restricting the ability of federal land and wildlife managers to further damage our military readiness and the economies of our states through manipulation of the Endangered Species Act.

With bipartisan support, we request the Senate concur with the House language as committee conferees and leaders meet to negotiate the final bill.  Action Alert Here


.The Chamber Announces Opposition to Question 2, Recreational Marijuana

Reno, NV.  (September 7, 2016)- The Chamber of Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada, the largest business organization in the region, announces its opposition to Question 2, which will be on the statewide Nevada ballot this fall.

Question 2 would legalize marijuana for recreational and casual use and would allow the proliferation of “pot shops” throughout the Reno-Sparks area.

“With retail medical marijuana operations just beginning to open up and serve Nevada patients, we need to allow that system and the issues and regulations that go along with it to mature before any expansion into recreational use,” stated Tray Abney, The Chamber’s Director of Government Relations. “Our membership has serious concerns about workplace safety and workers’ compensation issues.  There is no current method to test for marijuana-caused impairment in the workplace and we believe that legalizing this drug will only increase accidents and impaired driving.  We also have serious concerns about how this measure would affect our tourism and convention attraction efforts, not to mention the renewal of Reno and Spark’s downtown cores.  The citizens of our state have worked too hard to diversify our economy and strengthen our education systems without adding easily availability to highly potent marijuana to our list of challenges.”

The Chamber will be urging its membership and every voter to vote NO on Question 2 and we will be assisting in the opposition campaign efforts.  This issue will chart a course for the future of our state and the business community should stand united against this ill-timed and ill-advised ballot measure.


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