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On these pages we present information to help you learn about important issues affecting every Nevadan's future prosperity. We want you to become more informed about the elected officials who represent you and more involved in elections and in the legislative process. But we don't - and won't - tell you how to vote. That decision is up to you.

EVRW 2014: Employees Vote Toolkit

America works better when Americans vote.

This September 22-26th, we are participating in Employee Voter Registration Week (EVRW). EVRW is an initiative organized by the business community to encourage employee voter registration. We have joined this effort in hopes that, together, we can reach our goal of having 100,000 voter forms downloaded during EVRW.

Our belief is that, when employees vote, the business community’s voice is heard. Don't let someone make the decision for you. Get registered. Get out the vote.

About EVRW

In important elections, every vote counts. America works better when Americans vote, but Americans can't vote unless they are registered. There are millions of employees across the US who have not registered to vote. People don't register because they forget, or it's too complicated or time-consuming, or perhaps they have moved and just haven't updated their voter registration.

The truth is that registering to vote is simple and doesn't take much time or effort.

Employee Voter Registration Week is an effort to make a dent in the number of unregistered citizens across the country. During this week, companies and associations from the business community will join together in an effort to encourage voter registration among their employees. The initiative will not tell employees how to vote or who to vote for, but instead aims to serve as a resource to help employers educate their employees about the issues that are important to their businesses and a resource for providing key deadlines, voter registration, and polling location information.

Employee Voter Registration Week is powered by BIPAC, a nonpartisan, membership-driven, organization dedicated to increasing the political effectiveness of America's business community.

For more information on Employee Voter Registration Week, contact BIPAC at info@bipac.org



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EVRW Multimedia Collateral

Visit www.employeevotes.org


Use our common hashtag, #employeesvote to add your voice to the conversation.


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Key issues that matter to you
Every day, our elected officials are talking about energy and the environment; workforce readiness and education; and tax and regulatory policy. Do you want to know how these issues impact the prosperity and well-being of every American worker and family? You can learn more by viewing our Top Issues.

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Government 101
National Debt Crisis
Learn the basics of our government and how you can become a more effective citizen.

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Our nation is at an economic crossroads as national debt continues to grow as a percentage of our total economy. We can no longer allow the burden of tough, necessary decisions fall to the next generation.

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Margin Tax
Mining Tax Cap
The Education Initiative will be on the November 4, 2014 ballot in Nevada. If passed by a majority of voters, it would impose a new tax, called a "margin tax" on businesses with the stated goal of increasing funding for education.

The initiative is a petition initiative sponsored by the teacher's union. The Legislature had 40 days to enact or reject the petition without amendment. Because the Legislature took no action, State law requires that the petition be placed on the November 4, 2014 ballot for consideration by voters.

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The Nevada Mining Tax Cap Amendment, also known as SJR 15, is on the November 4, 2014 ballot as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.

The measure asks voters whether or not the current five percent tax cap on mining should be removed from the Nevada Constitution, thereby allowing legislators to raise taxes on mining activity. A similar measure failed to make the 2012 ballot.

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